File Upload Security Workaround

Does anyone have experience – or an idea – of a workaround to make file uploads/attachments secure in Glide through an API? The current protocol of creating a public Google API file link (though hard to guess) is not secure enough for my use case

The only thing that comes to mind is to use some sort of file storage that’s outside of Glide database. Create a custom form that allows a user to upload a file (which temporarily stores it on Glide server), then using an API call to transfer it to your File storage. This API call should return the permalink to that file which you could write back to Glide.


You can vote for the feature request here: Private Storage Option

Hi @Robert_Petitto
I am trying to do what you suggest here, but I think my understanding is limited.
I already have a column where the link to the uploaded file is stored.
What I don’t understand is - this is just a link to the file and not the actual file, so how do I transfer the file to my File storage on Azure for which I do have an API.

I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

It would take a while to try to explain it, but the nuts and bolts are…

From Glide → send file url via webhook → Make → http module (get file) → File storage → Create JSON Module → HTTP module (send result of file storage back to Glide via Glide API).


Mmm thanks. It is more involved than what I thought at first.