Event-driven app with external services

Hey all :wave:

I’m excited to use Glide for a simple event-driven app.

Basically, the use-case involves uploading a file from Glide Pages webapp to a cloud service (e.g. AWS S3 etc.), where an external cloud computing workflow (e.g. Zapier, AWS AppFlow etc.) will process the uploaded file, and save some results in an external data store (e.g. AWS NoSQL database etc.).

Within the Glide Pages webapp, I wish to show user-specific results from the external data store for their own uploaded files.

I’m trying to understand two main things: 1) how to upload a file to an external service, and 2) how to fetch/retrieve some results for authenticated users from an external data store or API?

Has anyone tried something like this with Glide Pages before?

Any help or tips are much appreciated :+1:

Ya… should be possible.

File upload component —>
Submit button —>
Webhook to Automator —>
Uploads to data store —>
Returns an identifier or value or link —>
Write identifier back to Glide table —>
Use Fetch JSON column to grab file URL from Data Store —>
Display URL in app


Thanks Robert. That sounds good.

On a quick look around in the Glide app builder, I couldn’t find a suitable place to save environment/configuration settings (e.g. API key, passwords, auth headers etc.) for accessing an automator service or private API via webhooks.

For the “automator service”, I usually use Make. I think the only way you can do it is to send a payload via the “webhook” step that Robert mentioned, specifically the “Trigger Webhook” action in Glide, then handle the rest in Make.

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Thanks guys!

I noticed that if I use a file upload component, and a submit action with webhook step to send the file data (or is it just the file URL?) to an external endpoint (e.g. Make or an API), then Glide still uploads the file to its Google Storage account, and saves the file URL in the corresponding table. Is there a way to not upload the file to Glide’s file storage, but just send the file content via webhook to external service?

Also, if Glide uploads files to their Google Storage, are these files deleted when the corresponding record is deleted from the table, which is the ideal security pattern?

I wish there is, but no, we can’t do that.

Yes, if they are not referenced anywhere in your app then I think it gets deleted after a certain amount of time.


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