Uploading a file by subimting it and getting a return link

Has anyone tried to post a file and get back a return link stored in Glide DB?

What do you mean? By the API?

I was thinking HTML and PHP, API might do it as well. What are your thoughts? how can I implement something like that? Simple upload and return a value that is stored internally.

What are the reasons you want to do it this way? To not use Glide’s storage?

use fetch json… you can transfer files both ways… i do that to upload data from Glide to GS and the other way… so I can have unlimited rows and edits :wink:

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I have multiple reasons.

  1. yes I don’t have to use glide storage that heavily.
  2. is to submit forms to outside sources.
  3. Integration.

@Uzo How do I do that? both in GS and outside? Can you give us an example?


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