How to store images in the image picker to Google Drive

Please tell me how to save the photos taken by the camera (image picker) to my Google Drive.


I will follow this post as I want to know too. Good Question!

I don’t think this is possible in Glide itself, but maybe there’s a Zapier action or a script that could be used to do this. Images uploaded in Glide are stored in a separate database and not uploaded to the app owner’s Drive account.

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Possibly we need a script to grab the image link in the Sheets and do an upload action to the sheet owner’s Drive account.

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why dont we just use zap

Because it might get costly in my opinion.


what do you mean by costly

I mean Zapier isn’t free forever and he might get charged for that.

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yeah that is true and that is why i have plenty other alternatives like the powerful

@ehattori can you elaborate why you want to store your images in google drive?
What should happen to the images that has been uploaded to glide? Deleted?
Do you want to display the images stored in google drive - or the ones stored in glide.
Do you want to manipulate the images before they are shown to the user after they have been uploaded

I received a storage space warning email from Glide, so I wondered if I could move the photo data to my Google Drive.

@ehattori well just move the images to google drive manually and link to the images there. But I expect that it isn’t how you would like the app to work. You could also go pro - then you won’t have the problem

i do not understand, files uploaded from image picker is stored as a link so how does glide add it to your storage

@Glider Glide hosts the uploaded images from the picker. The url is just a reference to that storage, but they are still paying the bill to store it.

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do pro apps have unlimited document storage? I am also trying to figure out a way for uploaded documents to store inside Google Drive… is this possible?

You get 10Gb of storage on pro apps.

You might be able to use google forms to add docs to google drive but I think the user must be logged in before it works. Haven’t tried it

We have made changes to the organizational plan.
Like the Pro plan, Glide Apps seems to be capped at 10GB, and I’m asking because I’ve received an over 10GB alert email.

I have already taken thousands of photos and uploaded them to Glide Apps storage (firebase) and embedded them in the cells of each Google Sheets file.

Question matters

  1. I want to put the storage location of future photo data in my Google Drive via the image picker. (First question)

  2. Can I manually move the photo data in Firebase to Google Drive?

  3. Is it possible to change the URL (firebase) of images embedded in cells to the public URL of Google Drive all at once?

I am making a business application input form with Glide Apps.

It’s very convenient and helpful.

In the work flow, we are taking a picture with the image picker on the input form of Glide Apps and generating (adding) data on Google Sheets, so this question is asked.

@ehattori it seems as you have already made a setup which is working. But due to 10Gb you want to rethink your setup. If you are going to store your images somewhere else you will face new challenges. In the past massive use of google drive with images have shown that google drive isn’t a good place to store images as some might not load. You could go the cloudinary way but I think you will need a subscription which is as least $89/month

So back to the problem. The 10GB limit. I would take a talk with @david to get a quote for more storage. This will also fit with the way you are using glide today.