Option to store images on Glide's firebase (with Glide's storage limits) or user's Google Drive folder (with Google's storage limits)

Request Summary:
Add an option to the File Picker component that allows the user to choose to save files on Glide’s firebase account OR their own google drive folder.

Use Case:

I have a Glide app for building inspections that allows the user to take photos (which are currently uploading to Glide’s firebase), add some data (room, direction, description, etc.), then on the Google Sheet side of things, creating a report with the photo and data that prints nicely to PDF.
The PDF display the photos as a thumbnail, with a link to the URL of the full-res file on Glide’s firebase.

It all works nicely, but there’s one major downside… The users would much rather have the photos save to a Google Drive folder instead of Glide’s firebase, so that they can be zipped, emailed as a package, or uploaded elsewhere.

Not to mention the second major flaw of this method, that if the app is not used for an extended period of time Glide can remove the photos from the firebase.
That policy is completely understandable and reasonable, but for purposes such like mine, a user may need to archive the full-res photos and access them later, and it would be much easier for the user to decide for themselves which photos they want to delete to clear up space (or even upgrade their Google account for more space if they choose).

This is also important for apps that may be created for a temporary use of data collection, but need to keep the photos long after there is no need to continue using the app to collect the data.

This would also allow the user to organize their photos within their Google Drive as they please, since moving files and folders around on Google Drive does not break the URL to the actual file.

This would be a HUGE help for my use case, and I’m sure there’s many other potential benefits for other app types that I haven’t considered.

Thank you for your consideration!