Hi! I am fourteen years old and I am creating an application in Glide for a larger project.

Note: I speak Spanish but I am using Google Translate😁. Who speaks Spanish send me a private message, please and thank you.

The application is an Android mobile game store and I would like users or developers to be able to upload their games. There are games that weigh little, but others are passed. Glide’s PRO plan only allows 10GB of storage and 1GB per file, which would not work for me.

My question is … Can I use my storage in a Glide application? For Example: Firebase Storage.

If you can’t … What would be the other alternative?
And if you can… How is it done?

Thanks for reading and I await your response.:hugs:.

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You can use your own storage, but make sure the users submit their own links instead of using a file picker.

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How is it done step by step?

You tell your users to insert their link to the game inside a text entry of a form.

The link they insert is supposed to be a share link, like Google Drive.
How did the file (APK) that they uploaded to the cloud of their choice move to the cloud of my choice? And automatically.

Utiliza el webview component y que el link abra el link de tu hosting de almacenamiento…

Yes, but the storage they will use will be different than my storage (Firebase Storage).

Can you explain the step by step?


Si ellos solo comparten el link, Glide automáticamente abre el link desde donde esté almacenado. No necesitarás guardarlo o cambiarlo de cloud. El webview en ese caso trabajaría como trabaja google que sin importar donde esté almacenado, google abre el archivo. Lo mismo hace el webview.

Espero esto te ayude.

:tada:Hablas español :raised_hands:t2:

Gracias! Solo quería una forma más sencilla para el usuario.

Creo que esa es la forma más sencilla ya que ellos solo tendrían que colocar el link y automáticamente con el webview aparecería en la pantalla de tu app.

Si, gracias.

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hay alguna forma de automatizar esto tal vez con zapier y en el camino redimencionar las imagenes sin perder calidad para que pesen menos

Hola @alfonso_ayala! ¿De qué imágenes hablas?
Solo necesito que los usuarios suban a mi aplicación el APK del juego mediante el link.