Uploaded a video to google drive using Zapier. How Do I replace the Glide storage link?

Hi everyone,
I’m new to Glide and stumbled upon an issue I didn’t find an answer to.
I have an app in which the user uploads many videos.
Because of the 10GB storage limit I would like to store the files elsewhere for example Google Drive.
I created a zap that takes the uploaded video and saves it in the drive but how do I get the new Google Drive link and replace it with the existing Glide storage link?
Thank you

Nevermind, just found out about Webhook and Integromat :grinning:

Can you explain how u solved that problem?

Please :sweat_smile:?

TBH I didn’t use this workaround eventually as it seems like the storage space is enough for me at the moment.
But the main Idea is this:

  1. On submit action Webhook (parameters are storage link and rowid)
  2. In Integromat :
    (Webhook->HTTP Get file->Upload to GoogleDrive (or any other cloud)->Get link from cloud → Update row Google sheet)
  3. Use HTTP GET to download the file from glide storage (I had a memory limit problem for large files)
  4. Upload to any other cloud service like google drive is easiest.
  5. insert the new link to the rowid in google sheets.

That’s it :slight_smile:

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This currently only works with Google sheet, right? You can’t accomplish step #5 in Glide tables?

Unless you have an enterprise account, you can’t write to Glide Tables at the moment.