Add a third party storage

I am developing an app that will require users to upload videos to my site so i can store the videos and give the users access to them …can i use a third party storage app like drop box or can someone suggest a better way.

A basic user will access the app read a Q/A and upload a video of the Q/A i will give access to whomever the user chooses via email and some of the video will be long possibly or no more than 2-5 gigs. Also is there a third party app to send video directly to the cloud and not have to upload it.

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You can use webhooks

I think you have 2 choices here.

1st: Create a website and display it in a webhook, users can upload their video there and it is automatically transferred to your Dropbox. You then take the Dropbox back to the Sheet.

2nd: Let the user upload using file picker right inside Glide, then use Integromat/Zapier to upload that file (using the URL) to your Dropbox and get the Dropbox URL back to the Sheet, replacing the Glide URL.


Thanks @ThinhDinh,

I like the sound of option 2. How do I ensure the file URL is reassigned to the user who uploaded it? I’d need the users email on the same row as the file so that I can configure the conditional visibility. Would you be able to provide any guidance on the Zapier workflow?

Really appreciate the support.

Yes. Here is an example of how you can store videos on your YouTube channel and reassign the file url in the Google sheet:

Apply this concept to a file storage platform of your choosing.

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