🤯 Allow users to upload video to a YouTube channel from your Glideapp!

Tutorial to follow:


What an interesting concept, neatly executed (as always) :+1:

I must say I was pretty impressed and surprised with the speed of the ‘zap’

I know, right? The main downside is that the user won’t be able to access the video for a few minutes…especially if it’s a large video that takes a while to process.

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I’ve been using this zap since last year.
Using google drive folder to watch new files. I want to use direct upload from glide itself but I’m concerned regarding storage.

Whenever file uploads and zap also went successful, then deleting file url will reduce storage immediately. Is this possible? Or how much estimated time glide takes to delete that file?

My usecase is to upload daily video of 1 gb estimated. So, to accommodate 10th video 1st needed to be deleted.

I believe the video will be deleted within 30 days of clearing the link from the database, but not sure how the storage limit will be counted, I assume it follows the 30-day rule as well.

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@Robert_Petitto Great concept but on a phone you won’t be uploading videos from your computer - can you do the same by uploading a video from your phone? I can see this being a more realistic use case. Not sure if the process would be the same, I have not played with uploading videos from my phone.

I have tried uploading video. File Upload component… and on the phone you have the options to select from photo role, or take a video live. The video then uploads (I tried a 200MB video - and it was speedy and fine). And the video then is saved as a URL link in Glide/GS.


You sure can!

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I’ve tried uploading several big-size videos and it worked perfectly for me. The speed was fast and haven’t had any problems yet. Nice concept! But the main issue is that I usually download playlists full of music and it’s not quite comfy to listen to them in a video format. I tried to find the solutions on the internet but had no success. But I was lucky to meet one of my ex-colleagues who shared with me a link to https://coconvert.com/youtube-playlist-downloader.html where you can make such manipulations. You know, I think it’s going to be great if you implemented this feature in your app.

I think it will affect the content control and may be blocked if many users use it

Probably. This tutorial was conceptual—just to demonstrate the possibilities.


This is great. Thank you so much. @Robert_Petitto

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This is pretty neat.
Can this be done with integromat?

Yes, Integromat has a YouTube module so you can do that.

just signed up to integromat, and cant see any youtube module. Am i missing something?

Weird, I see them having examples like this but when I search for it in a new scenario I can’t find YouTube as well.

thanks for double checking for me. I might be able to use giphy.

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I’ve been using Integrately to automaticaly upload a video from Glide to Youtube.
It has been working fine, however now I get the following error (see screen shot).
Is this a problem with my Google account, or is it a problem between youtube and Glide? Are too many gliders sending video’s to youtube?

The error says you’ve exceeded your YouTube quota for the API you are using and provides a link for an explanation.

Thanks Jeff,
I get this error on the only video upload i have for the day.
Would you know how its possible to now exceed my quota with one video, even though this automation was working fine in the past?