Question about video upload / Glide storage

Hi All,

User uploads a video through the app >> video is stored on Glide.
Once the video is stored on Glide >> it’s being pushed using Zapier for storage on S3 (since Glide has a limit on storage).

What’s the best way to delete the video from Glide once it was pushed to S3? (the rationale: to free the space on Glide).


Once the url for the glide storage is removed from your sheet, it should be deleted from storage within 30 days.


Oh wow… I wasn’t expecting this behavior.

Is there anywhere I can see which videos/files are stored for my app and how much size?
I just want to stay on top of it to avoid service disruptions.


It’s hearsay from what I’ve read in the past. I’m not sure how much they enforce limits at this point or if that procedure actually happens. I don’t think there is currently a way through glide to see how much storage is in use. It’s probably just thrown into a single large storage bucket if I were to guess. Your best bet would be to keep track of those urls outside of glide and periodically visit the links to see if they are still active or not. I’m not sure how you could track storage size of each file, other than to download each file. At this point it’s kind of a gray area to me.


Hi Ronnie,
I was wondering if you could explain how you used zapier to move to file?
I am having some issues with that.

I set up a zapier action from Glide to S3. Every time a user uploads a video, it triggers the Zapier and pushes the file from Glide to S3.
The Zapier action setup in Glide is to have value 1 as the name of the file (choose a column to hold the file name) and value 2 is the column that holds the address of the file on Glide.
Then in Zapier, you need to map value 1 to the key (= the name of the file on S3) and value 2 to the file field.
If it’s unclear then message me in private and we can take it from there.

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