Storage usage handling (files and images)

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Suppose a user uploaded a file through my app and the url of the file was saved on a given cell. At this moment, the file is using the storage and consuming my limit (100MB for free apps).

Would clearing or deleting the cell that had the url be sufficient to delete the resource and free the storage?

If it is not, how could we delete resources?

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We are working on a way for you to delete resources. Don’t worry too much about it for now, but we will notify you when your app is approaching storage limits.

So once you will notify me, what shell i do ,
Can i provide a list of files to be deleted ?


I want to allow the upload of short videos, for a specific time. So it means that videos should be erased when the deadline is over, in order to free some disk space for futur upload.

but until now, I’m being reading all posts, and nowhere it is explain how to avoid to reach the limit by deleting old files.

It’s a real limitation for my user, the only bypass, is for them to create a youtube account, upload on youtube, and finaly do a copy/pasted of the URL. It is not realy user friendly, for a lambda user, and they do not use this functonality.

Have you any suggestion ? or a system to avoid this ?


From my understanding, if you delete an image/video link uploaded to Glide then it will be deleted within 30 days.

You can run a script to periodically delete those video links, perhaps.

@David any update on what the timeline looks for being able to delete uploaded files from glide?

This is now live. Just delete links to files, and they will be removed.


How quickly does it take for the meter to go down? After deleting the images from the linked spreadsheet and refreshing the app, is it normal to not see the meter drop right away?

So as I understand, I go to google sheet and delete the link (see example below) from the cell, doing this will free up my storage. Am I right?
Example of the link:

As long as the file is no longer referenced anywhere in your Glide App, then it will be deleted after a while (about 30 days).

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This has been a while but it seems that the image above was never deleted.
Has there been an update on how this works?

We don’t have any further information than what Darren said. How long has it been in your case?

I’m starting to migrate data from one table to another but there are things I want to keep.
Just wish there was a better way to manage files other than “as long as it has a link to it”.

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