Deleting Uploaded Images/Files

It seems glide is now enforcing the file storage limitation and I have exceeded it. I don’t see a way to delete the files/images that have been uploaded through the app.

Will deleting/clearing the cell containing the link to the file in the google sheet remove the file?

In short, how do I manage/delete uploaded files/images? I saw reference in the forums that you were working on a method. Has that been implemented.

First of all, is this a free or pro app?

This thread may be useful. Seems that storage limits are currently lifted on pro apps.

To answer your question, if you remove any reference to the url in your data tables, then that will cause the files to eventually be deleted. I’m not sure how quickly the storage amount is updated, but deleting the url form your sheets will delete the files from storage.

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To add to what Jeff just said, i think i have read in the forums that its on or around 30days from the deletion of the rows/records with the links to the images.



This is a free app. I feel like enforcement of the limits is now in effect. I have over 300M of images and only recently started getting the error.

When you say “Eventually” it implies that it may take some time to remove. any way to force immediate removal so I can get back under the limit?

Have you tried deleting a file link from your sheet?

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I think what I’m implying is that the storage quota may immediately reflect that you removed the link, but it may take a little while for the backend cleanup process to actually remove the file from the server. @david correct me if I’m wrong with that assumption.

I have deleted quite a few (over 100) but the file size has not changed. That has been approximately an hour ago.


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@Danny_Butler If you need to get going and can’t wait for stuff to get deleted you can upgrade your app to basic $12/mo - and get 2 GB of storage space.

Are you sure that the stuff you deleted isn’t referenced somewhere in the app? You might be relating and lookup’ing the data from another sheet.

Deleting a file link should free up space almost immediately. The file is not actually deleted for a few days.