Webhook to replace glide image URL with Google drive Share link

Hi Gliders,

As I’m using webhooks with integromat for a while now, I thought to share with you a nice scenario which replace the image URL created by glide and stored in glide storage with a link from your google drive after uploading the file to it and getting a share link.

Part 1: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Part 2: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Part 3: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software


I assume this takes away the storage space the original link occupies, right? Thanks for sharing!


According to glide if an image is not displayed it’s not supposed to be counted against your storage but you can add also another step to delete the glide url all together

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@yinon_raviv thanks a lot for sharing. It has inspired me to get started with ingromat. You have shown it is really straight forward.
Really appreciate that you took the time to do the videos - very informative and in correct speed for me.


My pleasure :wink:


Hi @yinon_raviv,
11 months later :slight_smile:
The links in your original post aren’t working anymore. I was wondering if you have a workaround to moving files files (not images) from the Glide storage to Google Drive and then permanently delete them from the Glide storage?
The reason being that Glide storage links are public and we need to upload confidential data.

Will users of your app need to be able to access the uploaded files?
If yes, then you may have a problem if the files are in GDrive folders with restricted access.

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That’s exactly the point. Access to the app will be restricted to a specific domain and so will the access to the GDrive. This is a corporate app and we are working towards a 100% closed garden.

Yes, I understand. I have a similar situation (which is why I created that feature request).

I guess my point is that if files are stored in GDrive and not public, then when an app user follows a link to a file, then they’ll be asked to authenticate (regardless of the fact they may already be logged into the app with their Google Account). And I don’t believe there will be any way to show the contents of the files in the app.

Getting back to your earlier question…

If the files are being uploaded to a table that’s linked to a Google Sheet, then it’s easy enough.
Glide will store the links to the files, and these links will show up in the Google Sheet. So all you need to do is fetch the files via those links, store them in GDrive, and then replace the links in the Google Sheet. You could automate this with some Apps Script, or an automation tool such as Integromat.

Once the original links have been replaced and are no longer referenced in your app, the files will be purged from Glide storage. I’m not 100% sure, but I think this happens within 30 days.

Sorry to keep insisting on this, but do you happen to have a reference to the documentation on this purging process?


WOW, that’s one detailed answer. Thanks @Jeff_Hager !
Circling back to the original topic of this thread, does anyone have an automation template to use here? i.e. - four steps:

  1. Retrieve files based on links to Glide’s storage
  2. Save files to a designated Google Drive folder
  3. Retrieve link to files on Google Drive
  4. Replace Glide storage links with GDrive links
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In Integromat, it should be like below:

1/Have a webhook step to start, in Glide, send info to that webhook everytime you add a new row that contains URLs that needs to be replaced.

2/Add a HTTP module to download that URL in step 1.

3/Add a Drive module to upload the file in step 2.

4/Add a Google Sheets module to search the row to replace in your sheet, I think the column to search can be the URL column.

5.Update the row found with the new URL from Drive.

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