IMAGE PICKER when we deleted a photo

One question, in the IMAGE PICKER component when we delete a photo, is it also deleted from the cloud? Or just in the spreadsheet?


I thought it was a simple question :neutral_face:

My experience is no, it was not deleted from the cloud, but I haven’t checked on that since shortly after they added the image picker. You could try it out. Add an image, copy the link, then delete the image and see if it still persists.

Good idea i will do that

I did the test and really the image is not excluded from the cloud, I believe this can cause some inconvenience if the image is copyrighted.

It’s like the tree falling in the forest with no one around. You can’t be charged with infringement if you aren’t using an image which no one can see.

Mind you, I should think that Glide wouldn’t want to pay to store deleted images so maybe they can run a filter and purge them.

Hi there, also wondering the same thing. Is there a way we can access or manually request specific photos to be deleted?

Assuming these apps are going to be used by the public it would be nice to give users the confidence that their photo is in fact being deleted.

In the meantime, glide team can we request for access to them to delete ourselves or a similar solution?


Was this ever resolved? I have this issue with storing photos of people’s IDs on my system. the photo is supposed to be stored temporarily, and then permanently deleted.

Any update on the status of actual deletions, @david ? Much appreciated!

Files not referenced from your sheet are deleted after 7 days.


I seem to recall somewhere that Glide will remove the actual image “some time” after its URL is no longer being used. It’s quite possible to have multiple columns using the same URL and so I guess some house-keeping takes place behind the scenes somehow. Anyway it’s certainly not instant. There is the feature, however, to delete a user’s data, which I believe is instant but will delete ALL data for that user. Probably not what you want either.

Beat me to it. And much more concisely.

Perfect answer. I will delete the uploaded image within an hour most likely, and so this means I can genuinely say the image with their ID is permanently deleted. Thanks!

Hi David, What does not referenced from your sheet mean? I have a sheet (not used within the app) I upload images to, then copy the URL to add to image components. Will these be deleted? Thank you!

Images not used by your app, either in sheets or elsewhere in your app, will be deleted in this timeframe.