Delete photo from cloud when deleting via Glide

Hi Team Glide,

Thank you for your efforts so far. I’ve posted in an older thread but it was in the bug section and did not harvest a response. I would say it’s more of a feature and can verify others are are hoping for.

When you submit a photo via Glide it uploads to the cloud flawlessly. Unfortunately, when removing a photo, the link is simply removed from the cell rather than deleted off the server. Users may want some sort of control where their photos can be either deleted by the end user or by the app administrator.

Can this be done? As I am sure building trust with our users will be a top priority for everyone.

Is there anything we can do in the meantime to manually offer this to our users when/if this is requested?


I know they plan to do something, but I don’t know when.

Right now we can delete all your app’s uploads, if you’d like. We will provide something better eventually.