Deleting uploads


I can delete the links from the google sheet. But how do we actually remove them from the firebase server?


Welcome to the board. Edit: No not that I know of. There was some discussion about that but the answer was unclear or frankly I don’t remember.

Since the solution is unclear about how to delete the firebase images, why not have the images in a more controllable location, like Google Drive? This way you can add and delete as necessary.

Is it the same for all account types (free/pro/business)? I can see my uploads (free account) go to a generic bucket - - if we can’t delete the files who is paying for it? It can get expensive…

Hi there, at the moment you can’t delete images from firebase. They stay there.

Image hosting is the same for all account types.

So if Anthony Wiener starts uploading his dick pics to our apps, we have no way to stop offending our customers?

Let’s take it up a notch and imagine that some dumped boyfriend is populating every comment on a “favourite song” social app with slut shaming, revenge porn photos.

Not to freak anyone out, but expect litigation when some poor soul kills themselves when it could have been mitigated by available technology.

ie. high priority feature request

Edit: Clearly I overreacted if we can control the viewing status of uploaded files even if they still exist in the cloud. Perhaps a comment reporting flag would be enough to protect us from allowing images, which we don’t review before posting, to appear longer than they should.

App creators can delete comments, chat messages, and any other content in their apps.

OK, so in theory I could create an image sharing app and it wouldn’t cost me a cent as Glideapps is paying for the storage? Even if I’m found out as at ~18cents per GB it will start to hurt and my app ‘removed’ the images still can’t be deleted and can be downloaded/viewed if somebody knows the URLs?
What about GDPR and other privacy compliance?
Or somebody uploads illegal images and spreads the links on newsgroups?

We will start deleting images when that happens, and will independently start deleting images not used in apps sometime soon.

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While I was merely surmising potential problems, in order to protect the Glide guild, @Gergely made some good and equally scary points, all of which @Mark is fully aware of now (likely long before).

So, I have to think that the unbridled era of taking selfies of ones’ nether regions for app upload is over, or at least constrained by @JackVaughan’s latest Jockstrap Overlay Filter. (I tried to make it JackStrap but it didn’t sound quite right.)

Drats, foiled again.

Thank you all for the replies!

Hey @Mark,

Would this also apply to other file types, e.g. if a user uploads a document, would these also still be left up on the firebase server even if the admin deletes the record from the sheet?