Image Picker

Hello there,

Loving Glide so far! So I am collecting images and when the user uploads it then the URL in the spreadsheet looks something like this:

I use the created spreadsheet to upload to another program. The program takes the image if it is in a format like this

I tried to remove the “?alt=media” from the link in hopes that it would work but it didn’t. Is there a work around this?

What program are you using?

Doing a quick search of how firebase stores data, I don’t think this is a direct link to an image. I think it’s actually an API call that returns the image as part of the call.

I use glide to create products on the shop floor as we receive them.

This gets my CSV file ready to port it directly to an app called Multivendor on Shopify. Can’t create product directly on shopify due to some limited they have within the system.

Would have been great if firebase link worked because shopify anyways downloads the image and reuploads it.

Good news! Multivendor has managed to make the link work at their end! Is there a way I can delete the files uploaded to firebase storage? I need those files temporarily only, maximum for 2 days.

I’m not aware of a way for us to delete images ourselves. There has been talk from Glide that eventually they would build in a process to remove old images if they are no longer referenced by the app, but I’m not sure if that materialized into anything.