Re-question: How to erase old data to free up storage

Some apps are used in the organizational plan.
Other than that, there are apps that are OK with a free plan.

The app is showing an alert that the storage is full.
I want to erase old image data from firebase Storage.

Please tell me how to erase data and free up storage.

If I recall right, if you delete the images’ links inside the Sheet then it will be erased from your storage within 30 days.

Thank you for your reply.

Is this a condition that the storage will be released 30 days after the image URL data in the Google Sheets document linked to the app in Glide Apps disappears?

I am making an app that works with multiple Google Sheets documents.

Even if the image URL data is copied and remains in the document that is not linked to GlideApps, is it okay if the URL disappears from the linked document?

If possible, I’d be happy if I could bulk copy the images in Firestorage to my Google Drive.