How to delete files uploaded via glide?

Hi ,

  1. How can i delete uploaded files via glide in order not to reach the 10GB limit for PRO plan ?
  2. How can i know how much space left ?
  3. Can i upload files from glide app directly to google drive or other storage ?



1/It’s not possible to do it yourself now, reach out to the support mail for them to help in deleting your files, I think.

2/It seems there are only notifications when your app is approaching storage limits.

3/At the moment seems there’s only this workaround.

Hi @david Is there any news on this?

My App Surf Diary is about to hit the 50GB limit and I can’t afford to upgrade further
I want to remove the old footage ASAP and soon release a function that it will delete automatically

Just saw this now

Just want to confirm, can I just delete the link or do I have to delete the post?

Just delete the link to the file. As long as it’s no longer referenced in any of your Apps, it will be removed within 30 days.