Pro App Running Out of Space (almost 10Gb!)


I have a photo logging Pro App for a construction project used to collect evidence of work progress.

Currently its Files storage is 9GB so its showing a warning that I am about to run out of space.

I have two questions

  1. What will happen when the storage gets full? Will it stop working or I will be charged extra? if so how much?

  2. How can I easily batch-download all the photos, put them in some storage (ie my own google drive), and update google sheet links so it keeps working?



  1. Nothing happens – your app will just keep working and you will not be charged more. Eventually we will charge you more when this happens, but that’s months away; we’ll tell you before we do; and it will be inexpensive.
  2. This is not too hard to do but I don’t have time to answer it – I am sure someone else could help you!

Thanks David, BTW its always great when the CEO of a company takes time to interact directly with his customers, congrats for that!


You can use Integromat to do the following:

  • Scan your sheet for rows with an uploaded link
  • Download the file from that link
  • Upload the file to Vimeo
  • Delete the link from the sheet
  • Add the Vimeo ID to the sheet

In your app you can then use the uploaded link if it exists or the Vimeo link if not


When I reached the 10 gb límit, i was not allowed to upload more photos. There was a “notice” with upload limit reached. After deleting some photos…uploading was again allowed.
My experience…

@Daniel_Sweet can you look into this please?

If you’re looking for options, you could use n8n and YouTube as substitutes for Integromat and Vimeo respectively, but this is a very elegant solution.


Hi @Gerard_Fernandez,

If you have a 10 GB “limit” then it should currently be a soft quota, and you should have been able to upload despite the meter showing that you are over the limit.

I’ve investigated logs for all of the apps attached to the email you use on the forum over the past 60 days, and have not been able to find any evidence that an upload was blocked because of this. If this happens again, please open a support case with and we’ll be able to investigate from there.

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Daniel. Out of space again. Only after deleting some photos, i can keep on loading new images . Please could you check it ???
Do u want me to raise a support ticket ??

Thanks !!!

@Gerard_Fernandez Please send me a support link to the app in question, just the screenshot is unfortunately insufficient for me to troubleshoot further.

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@Gerard_Fernandez your app is on a very old Legacy plan! If you upgrade it to a modern Pro plan, you will not have this hard limit :wink:


Hello just had the same problem and my Pro app is recent!

Please help !

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Here is the support link

Here’s for mine with same problem Glide