Image Upload Storage Limit


My App has and will have alot of image uploads. I saw there a limit of 10GB for Pro Apps? Where can I find the current number I am at?


I don’t think you can. I’ve been looking for how to do that too…

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unfortunately I don’t believe there is a way now to do so.

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This is something we are still working on, sorry for the delays.


Oh that’s good to know. Thank you!!


Is the current limit for PRO still 10G ? and also is it possible to see how much is being used yet ?

What happens when you hit the limit ?

Yes, but it isn’t enforced.

Top-right in the builder…
Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 11.01.18 AM

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Or… nothing :wink:

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Cool… Most of my images will be taken my camera, so I guess the image size will be dictated by the settings on the phone camera.

Is it possible for me to compress the images before/when they are saved. It’s not a big issue as I plan to take the images into an S3 bucket after the jobs are complete, I just need some breathing space I am expecting a lot of images.

You could do something with Cloudinary, or even Integromat. @Krivo has a post about it somewhere. But honestly, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Thanks Darren. We are going live tonight. I will keep an eye on it for the next week or so.

@Dan_San the post Darren was referring to where you auto compress the images is this one