🆕 Image & File storage meter is live

You can now see how much file & image data your app is storing on Glide servers:

This is the total storage of Glide file links used in your app. Removing links to unused files should cause this meter to go down.

Please look out for this meter and let us know if you notice anything that seems wrong.

We are still not enforcing file storage quotas, but once this meter is stable, you will not be able to upload new files to your app if you are over your storage quota.


i hope it will come with resizing pictures, or upload limitations for users


Excellent. How many days it’ll take for removing a file from the server after removing URLs from the glide table/sheet?

My use-case:
Uploading Aproax 1 GB Data File in a day
and I don’t have any issues if it removed after 24 hr.

Is there any chance of a manual delete option in the future?


Like the idea limiting the maximum size of file uploads to give us some management control :+1:

I’m sure this will come in time


@david Are there any plans to accommodate image & file growth beyond the current storage maximums?

We don’t limit Pro apps if they go over 10GB. We won’t do so until we have some way for you to buy more storage.

Unless you’re doing something very weird — if your Pro app goes over 100GB we might want to talk to you about it.


My pro apps now reaching 17 GB, and it can not upload the image anymore. it says has reached maximum storage.
I need solution to increase the storage.
removing the existing picture is not possible since it still needed by the user.
copying to another storage seems will take long time, since thousands of rows are there.

Anyone with solution knowledge, please let me know…

Thank You.

I am approaching my quotas in Images and files.
My app is for online coaching and it allows the users to upload their excresise technique videos for the coach to review.
I started cleaning every month, then 2 weeks and I am currently cleaning on a weekly basis but It seems like soon this wont be enough . I would love to allow my users to have some sort of archive.
I know there is no enforcements on the 10GB limit but I am starting to feel the videos being slower the closer I am to the 10 GB.
I would love to fined a solution .
purchasing more storage or compressing settings perhaps?

That doesn’t really make sense. The videos themselves are not stored in the app, but rather links to them. So it shouldn’t matter if you’ve used 1% or your quota or 100% of your quota, the user experience should be the same. Each individual video is only loaded and played when the user views it.

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I get the logic but the fact is that all was grate up until I reached about 9 GB, then I started experiencing long loading times, latency and just getting stuck on black screen.