Photo Upload Pro App Quota Exceeded!

Hello, I had to create this additional topic because the identical old one was not being adressed

This is the old one

This is the link for the app having the quota exceeded problem

This is the support link

Attached is the quota exceeded message

Guys this is urgent, I asked about quotas well before limit was reached I was told NOT to worry as there was a soft quota, now I see thats not so.


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This issue should be resolved now.

Please, refresh your builder browser and let us know if anything else comes up.

I have a similar issue. I know that Im on a free plan right now, but I got that warning as well. Im uploading to Google sheet, so maybe that is the issue.
The DETAILS for the Glide account do not mention or show this. Im just unaware of EXACTLY what the warning is talking about, Glide or Google Sheet?

Hi @StinsonOwner

I’m sorry that you’re having this issue. Please, submit a ticket if you haven’t yet.

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Support ticket placed, I will report when I hear more.

OK, the answer from support was that I had exceeded my upload quota in the app for the Free version, but here is an interesting point.

I guess my app was on the OLD free (100mb upload limit) and not the NEW free that has 200mb upload limit, so they moved the app to the new limits and Im back working again.

Here is the part that makes no sense to me. If Im using Google sheets to hold the data, why is there an upload limit at all?

Google sheets, as well as glide tables, or any type of table for that matter, don’t store images or files uploaded through glide. They only store the url link to that file. Unless you are hosting the images elsewhere, they are still being stored on Glide’s storage. They are never stored inside of the table.

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In other words, your images still consume Glide’s firebase storage, no matter where you are storing it, Glide Tables, Google Sheets or anywhere else, so it still counts against your quota.

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Guys, I’m having the same issue.

Except if you stored your images in cloudinary( 25GB Managed Storage for free) by auto upload feature and have been deleted link from your glide table and just stored link to Cloudinary.
Just enabling auto upload in cloudinary and it immediately fetching all images which is used in your tables
Sorry for my English!
After all images will be uploaded, you can change image link prefix from glide storage to cloudinary storage.
After Glide find that you don’t using link to images in Glide storage they automatically deleting it after some time and you will back you free Glide storage.

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That was more of a response for “which database the user is storing the Glide storage link in”, rather than “which service the user is using to store the images”.