How can I check the storage usage (files and pictures)?

Hey there!

I know my free app has a 100MB storage limit. I would like to know how much is currently being used.

Perhaps we could have an indicator like the rows usage progress bar:

But, to solve it for now, can I get this information through any other way? Maybe someone I could email…

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I just got the email that I’m over the storage of 100mb. I’m not exactly what store is beign used? I have a few images uploaded to the image storage built into GLide, but most of my content is in my own Google Drive which surely doesn’t count, yes?

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We only count files stored in Glide, not in your Google Drive.

We should have a way for you to monitor storage tomorrow.


Try installing your app on your mobile device.
You can now check the size from your device settings

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That is not the size we are talking about.

we are talking of the storage glide provides for us to store on thier api

Wow! Talk about response time.

Any update? I couldn’t see anything in my apps.


We are working on the release now.


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Delayed until Tuesday.

Thanks for the update. Have a good weekend.


Hi! Any update on checking storage?

Seems like it will be rolled out soon, I expect some time over the next week?

Any update on when we can see how much image storage we are using?

We’re working on it. It’s at least 2 weeks away.

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Any update on this?

Just voted for this feature here

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