Where are glide images stored and how do I access them?

I have used images stored in Google Drive in my app, and it works fine. One advantage is that if you have a lot of images, you can generate all the links at once and then paste them into your Glideapp spreadsheet. For example, my app cycles through ~50 “quotes of the day”, each with an accompanying image. It would have been a hassle to drag all those images one at a time into the build interface.


You can do this with Google Drive easily?!
For bulk action, I know only Photo Gallery by Awesome Table - Google Sheets add-on for this.

It worked for me. I highlighted all the images for which I wanted links, clicked an “Share”, then “Advanced”. Google creates a separate link for each image which can be copied-and-pasted into your Glide app spreadsheet.

The image picker is pretty basic. Images are stored in Firebase and limited to 10mb files. To you google drive for storage, uploading and adding the url to the sheet would have to be a manual process, but you are only limited by your Google drive size. I don’t believe the app image picker will compress or make collages. You would have to do that manually.

I would like to allow people to upload images through the app, but want to keep the app free and to stay within the 100 mb limit. I understand that I can not choose to store image to my google drive or box or any other service. But i consider reuploading the files later to google drive.
Now, how do I remove the files uploaded to glade, so it would decrease my quota usage?
How can I see how much of glade’s space I already use?

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Hi all, sorry to bump this older thread but is there a community best practice regarding images for performance? Not to mention storage limits? I’m building directly off of Glide Tables. If I anticipate having 100s of images, okay to upload images directly to image column or should I use a url to some outside storage like Google drive or whatever?

Thanks in advance

Storing images in GDrive is definitely not recommended.


Thanks for this @Darren_Murphy ! Much appreciated!

Hi, we often need to delete rows to ensure our app runs quickly and smooth. Content then backs up in a separate sheet. I notice that all image links then brings me to the following error, any suggestions on how to fix this. Are links tied to the specific app sheet ID and requests from others do not work?

Access denied.

Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to the Google Cloud Storage object.

Does that image link still display normally in the app in an image component?

When you delete an image URL from a Glide row I assume they will delete that from the database in 30 days.

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Does glide preserve all meta data for the images uploaded?

I think @PabloMFalero had some experience on that front and can answer you.

It does, all of it, as long as the image has it. I use onesimpleapi.com to extract it. There’s a module in Integromat to do this


Awesome, thank you

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I am new on glideapp and keep trying to upload an image, even my profile image won’t upload. I get a message saying, “This image could not be uploaded. Please try again later.” How much longer do I need to retry? Please help. Thank you kindly.

Just to check, you have stable Internet connection and haven’t used all of your storage quota?

That is correct. First time on.

Have you tried to do it with another browser?

No, I have not. I will try that and report. Thank you.

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