Best practices for Glide Google Storage management

What the options for managing the files/images uploaded to glide. I want to back up the files and also have some control over usage of storage by archiving old files into my S3 instance.

The files/images are uploaded to Glide’s storage. By “archiving old files into my S3 instance”, do you mean you will send those files to your instance and replace the Glide URL in the Glide database to the new S3 URL?

Also, what’s the link between that and the title of the post?

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I’m sorry. I was writing two posts and messed up the title. I have updated the title.a

Yes. I want to exactly do what you said. I have the means to do it outside with scripting on Google sheet. But wanted to check if there is any native way to manage this.

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No, I don’t think there’s a native way to do so. You can use a service like Make/Zapier to do this for you, or use Google Scripts if you’re comfortable with that.