We can upload 1G video now! Now need Glide to generate the thumbnails! 😁

Ah so I can’t help myself from posting about this again! I am SOOOO :innocent: excited to learn today that we can upload up to 1G videos so now we have the ability to get user generated video content!

I was able to sort (well with help of @ThinhDinh) how to generate thumbnail for videos hosted on Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion but with videos from file picker, I don’t think this is possible? Anyone know?

Also, compare the experience for video in my new app - comparing the list items of videos hosted (where we can generate the thumbnail) to the file picker upload where I have to display cards with no preview. Nevertheless, the video works flawlessly! YAYYYY- THANK YOU GLIDE TEAM! :star_struck: Anyway worth watching to see the Praying Mantis that got up to my terrace and prayed on the ledge! :grin:



That’s good news!


Thanks for this update and demo. That praying mantis is sure a little dare devil…

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I assume this is pro-app only? Regardless of Sheets or Glide Data Tables? Was there an official post for this?

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I wondered if I missed something too.

How to check usage details?

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I don’t see that option in the builder yet although we’ve heard it’s coming…

Hi@Deena, what’s the name of screen recorder application used by you? Thanks

I think it’s Loom?


Thank you :grin:

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@Deena I know this is an old post, but do you have the link to your Loom video - the link is broken. TIA