Anyone got any creative workarounds for the 10mb file upload limit?

This was asked in another thread by @daniel_fetz, and I am also curious.

Has anyone got any creative workarounds for the 10mb file upload limit?

Uploading large videos at the moment is not possible, and the user experience is a little confusing as the file picker doesn’t warn them that the file is too large.

I thought of setting up a google form and embedding it in Glide in web view, but it seems google doesn’t allow embeds if the form uses a file upload field.

Thoughts? Something as seamless as possible from a user perspective.

I’m working on the assumption that asking the user to upload to youtube/dropbox/gdrive and paste in the link may be confusing for many and thus not a great user experience.


If any member of the glide team wants to chime in that file upload limits are being raised that would also be great :smiley:

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You could try using airtable for the upload (using a embed form), and you can also display the video using an embed airtable view.
I have not tried by myself, but I guess it will work

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Yeah I tried that, but can’t get the airtable form to embed in web view

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Hum yes… Right… I have tried few minutes ago and indeed, no way to embed the form. We would need the iframe tag…



@Mark any update on the 10mb file upload limit? Is there still a technical limitation preventing larger file uploads?


Linking to related post: Replace video upload destination with custom storage

Using google scripts you can do this. But I am unsure as to why its so hard to just copy and paste links.

Do you have any instructions/links on this?

I found some success with letting users paste a Drive or Dropbox link and then using Zapier to convert to my Vimeo account and spit back out a Vimeo link and put it in the needed column. This is obviously video specific, but would imagine would work with AWS as well for other media.

No, it was just a idea I had as I was reading your post. Setup a separate sheet that has all the form information you need then use a script to trigger the form and have the script copy and paste information in the form. Alternatively you can have a form in Glide that has a video in it as well as instructions and your users can learn from that form prior to attempting.

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scheufen has a much easier way to do this though I think

Yep, I think this should be easier to get through, by letting us connect to external storage such as Google Drive, the same way that Google Forms work, saving uploads to Drive’s folder