Video not uploading with file picker

My app’s URL:
Video is not uploading with the file picker, if try to upload a video it will show icon of uploading but won’t upload.

How big is the video? It has to be less than 10 meg. I would think that Glide would warn you but maybe not.

Ohh wow! The video is 18mb +, am actually not aware of the upload limit

Thanks for sharing the link @Jeff_Hager & @George_B

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Maybe I don’t grasp the difference between picker and viewer components when it comes to videos, but I have to wonder why you’d need to upload a large video for potential downloading when you can simply link to the file using the Video Component and have it play.

The file size limit of 10 mb for file picker may be fine for sending along short clips, but the file size limit for the video component is stated as 100 mb within Google Drive, with a note that it must be in .mp4 format. Video Component

This appears to suggest that there is no limit if the file is hosted elsewhere.

So, I’d use file picker for pdf’s and documents but use video component for videos.

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@Les_Henderson The picker is for uploading. Viewers are used for viewing. Completely different purposes.

The potential reason for using the file picker to upload a video is so you can later view it in the video player within the app. You can’t play a video if it’s not uploading to the internet yet. :wink: I imagine, if there was no file size limit, then people could use the file picker to upload a video they took on their phone, rather than upload it to google drive, share the file, get the shareable link, then update the spreadsheet with the URL so it would finally show up in the app. A lot of steps that are replaced with using the file or image picker.

I’m starting to grasp the concept now.

If a person is too lazy to upload their video to YouTube, Vimeo, or their own shareable cloud storage such as Drive or Dropbox, they can instantly upload, share and store it on Glide’s servers instead.

Is that a fair assessment?

@Les_Henderson Yes, fair assessment.

Fair if you have time to deal with uploads and such, but now I’m thinking about something like a news station app, where viewers are invited to upload events as they occur. Or it could be clips from a war zone or a demonstration where you have a choice of quickly uploading and running, or getting clubbed in the head while you convert it to a format YouTube likes.

Sometimes the requirement for speed overrides the denigration of laziness.

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I haven’t dealt with YouTube that much or any other similar service. So for me the laziness would be in learning those platforms instead of just uploading the clip to Glide directly. For short clips, that you only want users of your app to see that is the best way IMHO.

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I hope someone here can figure out how long a 10 mb video file would run. ie. 1 minute, 2, 3.7?

It would naturally depend on resolution, but I think it would help to know what the real world applications are with current iPhones, or whatever devices we are using.

ie. Upload a 10 mb video provided it doesn’t exceed two minutes.

Or, Glide could consider setting video length limits instead of file size. I’ve seen that in other apps I have, but such an option would depend on back-end settings which they may not have.

A bit of research indicates it may be hard to get even a minute but maybe I’m interpreting it wrong.

Wow! Turns out this topic was really helpful!

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Yeah, kind of a moot point here, but considering an mp3 takes up half or more of that 10mb limit, video’s would have to be pretty short. You are kind of limited to music, pictures and documents.

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Yes exactly, that means the videos has to be short because users will have to upload them.