📦 Pro Apps now support 1GB file uploads

You can now upload files up to 1GB in size in Pro apps (with 10GB storage in total). Read more in our docs.


I personally don’t know for example, how many minutes video would be 1G, but how do we manage preventing user uploads that are very large and quickly run up our 10G total limit? Is there a way to restrict in the file picker? It doesn’t seem like it but I think this is very necessary…


It depends of course, but i look at a video that’s 33 minutes and 1,17 GB. So I wouldn’t start a user generated video platform :wink:


Not yet. Let us know if that happens!

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It will happen. I already started a platform with user generated videos. I will keep you posted!

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It’s too late, I already have! We need to put controls in place.


Instead of limits, how about transforming the video file in the backend as it is being uploaded?

Maybe there’s a Cloudinary for video that allows resizing on the fly? @Robert_Petitto

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Thank you for the suggestion @nathanaelb, but I generally don’t do workarounds and I don’t like to mix in a bunch of 3rd party stuff to manage my apps. Even in the short-term, it makes sense to put some user restrictions in place (from a Glide standpoint). In fact, I think it makes zero sense not to…It’s a common use case to allow users to upload. I will see how the limit goes!


I avoid 3rd-party services and stay clear from workarounds that are non-native to Glide (that includes html and css :wink:).

The ideal solution for uploads would be Glide resizing media assets in the background without the user knowing it, be they image, audio or video.

In the meantime, an alternative to that might be a 3rd-party solution such as Cloudinary for video (if it exists).

The solution to set upload limits is in my opinion not (or maybe just barely) a satisfactory alternative as these limits never deliver good UX experience.

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Though on second thought, should a user want to upload a 15Gb video, Cloudinary-for-video or not, the transformation of the media asset would have to happen before any upload could happen in the Glide app.

Upload limits would come to the rescue. From a UX perspective, boy do I dislike them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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