Is there a way to upload files > 10MB using glide to an external service?

Use case: Upload video files.

As I understand, Glide currently just supports file uploads for < 10MB.

Has anyone figured out a workaround to upload files > 10MB. I am open to hosting it outside Glide. So basically, upload using a button on Glide, and to another platform like Cloudinary from where the media files can be hosted, instead of using Glide storage.

I can use a Zapier integration from Glide to Cloudinary to send files there. But do I use the file picker to pick up files >10MB?

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Possibly the same route here, but for videos not images.

@abhilashabhatia maximum file size of video upload should be 100 MB for free cloudinary plan

We are working on raising the upload limit now. Pro apps will be able to exceed the 10MB limit very soon.


It would be amazing to have the practical ability to upload from phone. Unfortunately right now (at least iOS) you have to convert mp4 - which means users won’t be able to use (easily). I don’t know if on the Glide side, videos can be compressed/converted but that would be extremely impactful for those of us whose apps are primarily full of user generated content.


You’re saying that videos uploaded in the native iPhone format do not play back in the Video component?


I thought so…let me try now…Maybe i’m getting confused about this and the real issue is the size…one moment.

Yes. .MOV format does not play. No graphics. Only audio.

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Yes, sorry, that’s what I meant! that I have to convert TO mp4 - so misspoke there. Apparently there is reportedly a way to set your iphone to render the videos in mp4 by changing the camera format setting to “most compatible” and I did that but I haven’t gotten it to work and I can’t imagine asking users to do that…

Ok… I take my comment back here.

I tried again with my laptop content. Sharing a file from iPhone to Macbook. Format is .MOV. Uploaded it using the published app. That does not work on the app. Only audio can be heard but graphics are missing.

I tried directly uploading from the mobile device, iphone native, and .mov worked. Hmmm… Not sure why the difference.

cc: @Deena @david

I guess it’s not clear what does and doesn’t work, which in and of itself is an issue! I know that the files are recording as .mov and Glide docs says we can upload mp4 from Google Drive…and I may have missed something else along the way. It would be wonderful for this to be easy - enough flexibility on size of upload and common formats - without any problem. :innocent:

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Thank you. I am going to try out direct uploads to cloudinary for video files so larger files are supported. Going to reach out to you directly in case I need help with using Cloudinary’s file picker for and upload operation.

Videos shot on iPhone uploads and works. Excited about increase in file size limits, but equal or bigger issue is that we are currently limited in being able to display videos uploaded by users because they would have to manually upload a cover image (for inline list experience).

Made a screen recording with my comments about how video uploads and the experience of viewing them might work.

I think that with so many apps relying on user generated content, videos are a critical missing piece at the moment. File size increase will be great, but some opportunity to improve the current experience for displaying videos.

Will put in a feature request as well. Thanks!

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This would be great for my new app…any update on when we will have increased upload size limit for Pro apps?

Pro apps can upload up to 1GB files now.


Ah, had no idea - that’s amazing - a game changer for apps relying on user generated content! :raised_hands:t2: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:


For sure game changer. I can now build a video-submission app for a colleague of mine looking to assess orchestral student performance.


That’s great David!

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How do we see if our app has exhausted the 10GB limit on Pro app? Is there a way to extend this capacity? Any plans on increasing storage limit for Pro apps? I see that we can buy additional boosts but those quotas don’t include storage for Pro.

This is not an urgent requirement. The app is community driven social media app. We are using Glideapps as a Proof of concept platform. In case we see traction and users upload more data exceeding 10GB limit, just need to be prepared for that scenario (if there are any provisions within Glide?)


Hi David,

Do we have any updates on this topic? Even I’m having situations where size is very often more than 10MB.