Need help understanding the file upload and streaming infrastructure in glide

Hi Guys,

I will be allowing multiple users to upload video files lesser than specified limit by glide on my app. However there are few questions in my mind.

  1. There might be multiple people uploading multiple files at same instance is there some sort of queuing technique used from glide end that it can handle this without failure?

  2. Has anyone tried uploading larger files , does it work smoothly?

  3. I know glide does not guarantee content streaming but what alternative do we have?

If not for glide storage what other alternatives can I try which also includes streaming of content?

Thank you guys in advance for your help.


Hi Guys,

kindly requesting any inputs on this.


I will break each of your query for you to understand about the file upload and streaming infrastructure in Glide:

  1. Glide handles multiple uploads well using cloud infrastructure.
  2. Large file uploads usually work fine if within Glide’s size limit.
  3. Try YouTube, Vimeo, AWS Elemental, or custom servers like Wowza.
  4. Consider Amazon S3 with CloudFront, Google Cloud Storage, or Azure Blob Storage.

Hi Aiden,

Thank you for your reply.

While I understood Point 1 and Point 2

Do we need to use Zapier for integrating this?

We need to use zapier for this too?

Thank you again.


It is not necessary to use zapier.