Best Place to store user videos 📹

I would like to let users upload videos and be able to see and playback their uploads.
Glide storage is not enough, so the question is, where is the best place to store users videos?

I know glide doesn’t suggest storing video outside of glide. But if one decided to, what or where is the best place to do this? Google drive? Dropbox? Cloudinary? Other?
I’ve tried using youtube, but my integratley automation gets rejected by YouTube semi regularly.

I’d be very thankful for best practice suggestions.

Actually, Glide has stated time and again that their storage is not optimized for streaming, so your best bet is store videos in a streaming service like Vimeo or YouTube for the best experience.

I store videos in either YouTube or Vimeo, depending on several factors.

Vimeo is preferred, but there is a cost. I like that I can control the domains that the videos can be embedded in, so that they can only be embedded in my domains.

I like the customization features of Vimeo - I can control what controls and branding the viewer will see available.

And I like that Vimeo does not show ads. I don’t want my viewers to have to sit through ads before they can watch my video.

Having said all that, YouTube storage is infinite and free and I often create “unlisted” videos on that platform for content that I don’t want to pay for on Vimeo.

There are also platforms like Sprout and Rumble that offer other options. I hope that helps you decide.

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Thanks for the replies!

I have been using YouTube, but I often get my integrately automation (glide to YouTube, then delete glide file) rejected by YouTube when uploading only a few videos per day.

Have you ever run into that?

In the future I would like clients to be able to share many short videos with me. Could be many videos per day depending on how many users I get.

Did they give you a specific reason on why it was rejected?

I would get this after sometimes only uploading one video for the day (with my automation). I haven’t tried this method though for a while though.

Seems it costs 1600 units to “insert” a video.

Per the quota docs from YouTube, you should be able to upload 6 videos a day through the API, providing you don’t use the YouTube API for anything else.