Video Not Appearing but Background Sound Is- HELP!

Hi Community-

I’m not sure what happened because just a few days ago I could play a video from Google Drive. Today I had to go back and update videos on the same spreadsheet and I replaced the links with new videos and now the video box has a black background and only plays the background sound, but no video.

I can’t figure out what the problem is, especially if the video is only picking up sound and not visual.

Thanks in advance for any leads!


Here’s a screenshot of what I’m looking at when I load the videos. The app recognizes that there is a video as it’s pulling the time measurement, and as I mentioned above it has the sound, but no visual.
Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 6.28.32 PM|421x500

Could you share your app, please?

Hi Mark,

Here’s the link

You ever get this sorted out? I’m having the same exact issue.

It is not recommended to store your videos/images in Drive and then display it in Glide, it will cause you problems at some point.

For the best performance, please upload those files directly to Glide.

I am using Dropbox. I haven’t ever had this issue with any of my previous apps. Just this one. Also, how do I upload video file directly to Glide? I am using Google sheets for data.

You can upload it using the file picker component.

What? I don’t want to have the ability to upload video files. I am talking about embedding videos in the app itself. Youtube, and Vimeo links are working. Dropbox links aren’t. I don’t have this issue on any of my other apps though. Just this new one.

Since you asked this question, I was assuming you want the ability to upload files to Glide. You should have said “embed” instead of “upload” if you want to embed.

I would not recommend Dropbox as a storage service to display videos as well, since I also ran into problems with it in the past.

Uploading videos directly to Glide will make sure you’re safe to display it, however, of course it eats into your quota.

YOU mentioned upload first. Not me. The Original topic has always been about embedded videos. The OP said he had a problem with embedded videos only playing audio. I said am having the same issue.

Your response was: "It is not recommended to store your videos/images in Drive and then display it in Glide, it will cause you problems at some point.

For the best performance, please UPLOAD those files directly to Glide."

You gave me “file picker” as a solution. And now you offered uploading directly to glide as a solution again. Are you saying there’s a way to upload directly to the Glide to display embedded videos?

Google Drive and most likely Dropbox as well, are not great for hosting media externally. They can, but that’s not their purpose. Too many people have ran into weird issues. The recommendation is to either store your files on Glide’s storage, or some other third party that’s intended for serving up streaming media. To upload a file to glide, the easiest solution is to use a file picker to upload the physical file from you device to Glide’s storage. We’re just simply asking you to consider it or try it. You can remove the file picker once its uploaded if you want, or control the visibility of it. At the very least just try it to rule out Dropbox as the culprit.

This is all assuming that you are using the video component to “embed” the video. The video component just refers to a url location of a video files regardless if url is glide storage, Dropbox, drive, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. It’s just a url. Uploading a file through the file picker uploads the file and gives you a url that’s stored in your table. No different than any other online storage.

If all else fails, I’d lean towards a codec issue.


Ok, so I have tried 5 different methods:
Dropbox Link = Audio Only (No Video)
Google Link = Nothing works
Upload to Glide and use Glide link = Audio Only (No Video)
Youtube = Audio & Video works
Vimeo = Audio & Video works.

So I’ll just use Vimeo or Youtube from now on. It’s just weird because Dropbox still works for embedded videos in all of my other apps that I previously created.