Adding an audio file to Glide

I have an MP3 file in Google Drive. I have shared publicly and have the URL. In Glide I’ve added the audio component and pointed to the shared link (which I have in the glide spreadsheet).
It keeps coming up as ‘error’.
Can’t work out what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you, Jeanette

You should try uploading that to the app instead, Google Drive is not recommended as a solution to share images/videos using Glide.

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I use a link to videos often. I do that by uploading to YouTube and then putting the shared URL into the spreadsheet. I then use Multimedia Video and that works well.
So for the audio files, I would use the component File Picker, right?

Yes, you can upload the mp3 with a file picker.

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Thank you, problem solved with your suggestions.


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