Adding audio with an mp3 url

Hi everyone! I want to add an audio to one of my pages. The file is ready on my laptop & I use the “audio” component in Glide app.
I red before that to publish an audio file I need an audio file extension, such as .wav, .mp3, or .m4a, and be publicly accessible. However iCould & Google Drive wouldn’t work.

I cannot find any website that can solve the issue there. If you used the audio component before, how did you manage to get the mp3 url ?

Thank you for your help

I can’t speak for iCloud, but Google Drive can work as long as the file is publicly shared and you use the correct url.

However, Google Drive is not always reliable, and not recommended for hosting files used in this way. You would be better off directly uploading the file to Glide’s storage.


This is what I recommend for sure. You can actually use the image column type to upload the file and then switch it to a text or URL column type to view the generated link.


Works perfectly, thank you so much

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