The audio player does not work

Hello, I can not operate the audio player, my mp3 source is on google drive, and when I put the url the play button of the player does not work, can you help me, I am novice, thanks you

@ChrisHangar Is the google drive source link publicly viewable? Glide will not read the URL unless its public. :slight_smile:

normally yes here is the music link

It’s not public…

Regardless, Google Drive is not a good place to host audio files, it’s not optimised for streaming. You’d be much better uploading your files to Glide Storage.

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I opened the drive link, seems like its not public. You can go to the settings and make it public.

I put it in public but it still does not work…
Or should we host the best music?

As suggested by @Darren_Murphy you can also try uploading the video through your computer. Add a File picker component onto your glide app and add your file there. It will automatically add it to the glide storage and you can use that column onto your audio component.