Audio player not working


My audio player component is not working with this Google drive link which has all the permissions (Anyone with the link can view).

Here is the link to the file:

The play button on the player is greyed out. It was working fine initially but stopped working in couple of days.



Google Drive is not suggested as a storage suited for displaying files in Glide (images, videos, audio files). People have run into this problem too many times.

Please use Glide’s storage instead.

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@ThinhDinh I tried using an CDN enabled s3 url also but didnt work. Here’s the URL:

Also, can you please suggest which file storage solution to use for this? I’m using brave browser on my laptop & chrome on my android device. Both of the browsers are giving an issue.

Have you tried uploading that file to Glide storage using a file picker?

@ThinhDinh Nope still not working.

Uploaded the same file using file picker to glide. This is the file url associated with the audio player.

However, I just noticed that all the URLs are working fine if I use a video player instead of audio player. It just plays the audio with no video.

Looks to be working normally to me.

Please describe how it’s “not working” for you (i.e it doesn’t play, the component freezes, etc)

@ThinhDinh Surprisingly, its working fine now. Must have been an intermittent issue. So, all my media files would need to be uploaded to glideapps cloud storage & use the link for app development?

Also, even the pro apps have data cap. Once that limit is reached I think it starts purging old data. Wouldnt that be an issue for all my media assets?