Problems with Google Drive URLs in audio component

I created a Glide app with access to audio files stored in Google Drive. I listened the audio with the audio component normally, but since January, the URLs don’t run in Glide. The audio files have the permissions to be read by anyone, they are public. In fact, I can read the files opening the URL directly via browser, but when I introduce the URL to the audio component, it get dimmed, it can not be reproduced Do you have any idea to solve this problem?

If you can post an example of the URL format you’re using from drive, that may help isolate the issue!

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Yeah! An example of URL:
Or this one: La hora feliz - 2024-01-30.m4a - Google Drive
These files have permissions of reading for anybody, of course.

Is there a reason you don’t upload those files directly to Glide storage? Google Drive is not recommended for this type of usage.

I know it is better uploading this files in Glide using the file picker component but these files are very heavy (80 Mb each) and I don’t want to fill my account with them.
The Google Drive files urls where working ok until December. In fact, the images hosted in Google Drive work ok in Glide using the Drive’s url but the pdf o mp3 files are not working now. It is very strange. Any reason or solution?