Audio File not possible to listen


I am building an app in which I need a text to have an audio.
I triggered a Make worklow to do the text to speech action and upload it on a shared drive, then I use the Glide API, via a module http, to send the link to my database. This works well, but when I come page of the page of my item, it still not possible to play the audio whereas the link is in my database and my audio component is directed towards the right audio url column.

Do you have any idea how can I make it work?

Thank you for your help.

Where are you storing the file? Is it publicly shared? Do you have a link you share here?

I am storing it on a google drive that is shared with people of have the link. It automatically sets the same thing for the file (seeable by people who have the link).

The problem might be that certain people can access the file, but not Glide. Files stored in Google Drive need to be publicly accessible. Can you show the permissions of the file in Drive?

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Hi @artoguide,

Like Jeff said if you have made that file public ( or MAKE does that for you ) then you have to format the drive URL a bit to make it available in the audio player!

Check this post for that : Audio player not working? - #2 by Dilon_Perera

Thank you

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Thanks for you help guys! With the link that you wrote in your post dilon ( + the ID of the google drive file), it works.

I will just use a text parser in make to get the ID from the first link then create the second link that I will reintegrate in the app.



Good catch!

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