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can users post their recorded videos in glide? there’s a file picker now, so after picking a video file, will that video play and display on the app as a video or will it redirect to a different app?

You might be limited by upload size and total storage available, but yes you can upload a video and display it with a video component.


Yes. From the file picker, they can choose to take a photo/video or upload from their photo library. I recently created an app for one of my teacher colleagues that allow students to record themselves and submit it as evidence of learning. It’s been working well.


will probably be a pro plan so storage and upload size might not be an issue?

and, video component?? you mean the file picker?

that’s great to hear

You would use the file picker component to upload the video and the video component to display and play the video.

You will be fine with a pro plan as long as each individual file is less than 1GB in size and you don’t exceed 10GB for your total storage space.

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Can we upload an audio file?

You can upload any type of file. Just use the file picker.


Hi Jeff… i am piloting an app at work in collaboration with an external market research agency. They update a shared Google sheet and my app runs as a dashboard viewer. The database is continuously updated and we can track the content.

A stumbling block has been how to handle audio files. They are sensitive and so the agency can’t simply store them in a publicly accessible database and simply update the Google sheet with respective URL links.

Is it possible to insert audio files into cells in the Google sheet, eg a column called audio files and have The Glide App recognize the column?

Your hint that I can upload an Audio file is already a workaround for the privacy issue but that might be laborious vs embedding the files into the Google sheet…

Glide does not store or work with Binary or BLOB data types. Only dates, strings, or numbers. So no, you can’t embed a binary (audio) file in a cell. You can only store the url to the file which is stored elsewhere. That storage can be within Glide’s own storage, or with a third party. The security depends on where you store it and what kind of security they have in place. Generally though, a url has to be publicly accessible to the world for Glide to see and work with it. The only secure option I can think of would be to securely store the files on a third party service with their own secure authentication and just provide a link to that third party either with an Open Link or in a Web View.


Hi Jeff,

Do you happen to know how Glide would handle an instruction to play an audio file that uses a link that points to a file stored in a 3rd party password protected database? Will Glide open up a dialogue screen that asks the user to sign-in or will the instruction simply be ignored if the file cannot be automatically accessed?

If I were to guess, I think it would just be treated as a dead link as far as the audio component is concerned. I doubt it would ask for credentials, but I’m not completely sure. On the other hand, if a user is already signed into the third party with an active authentication cookie, then it may work. The thing to keep in mind is that the work is happening on the user’s device, so the device is looking for the audio file as opposed to the glide server, so if the device is already authenticated with the third part, then it may work.