TikTok with Glide?

I was thinking about whether it is possible to make something similar to TikTok with glide. Essentially an app that displays video by categories. I am new to glide so wanted to know whether it is possible before putting in the work.

Also, all content will be posted by us, so there won’t be any user-generated content.


Sure can! Just know that free apps have storage limitations (and videos eat up a lot of storage). A Pro/Org app would work well!

100mb, right? So does that mean I can only upload videos totalling roughly 100mb (After storage for other stuff)?

Correct. 100mb TOTAL.

I think each individual upload, using the file picker, is limited to 10mb, but you are “unlimited” if you host your video on another site, like YouTube, and use the URL in the video component.

Does that also apply if you host your video on GDrive?

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Good point, @Jeff_Hager. I often use this trick:


Yes, you would be using your own google storage, so you are only limited by how much drive storage you have.

Be advised that @david does seem to be loosely discouraging hosting streaming media in your Google drive since Drive is intended for storage and not to host media for web access.


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