Shooting video from Glide app

Hello Gliders,

My app needs ability to use video recorder in the phone and store that video somewhere. Is this functional?


Hi @B_A,

Yes you can use Form and add component - File Picker. Select one of the two options - Camera only or Camera and Photo Roll. Both options will let you record the video from camera and upload.


That’s great. It worked! Now I am wondering how Glide counts storage for these videos in their plan. And can I limit the seconds on video recording to limit the size of files? Thank you very much.

Storage is counted based on file size. As indicated in the pricing sheet, you have a total of 100Mb on a free plan, 2Gb on Basic, and 10Gb on Pro.


Do you have any suggestions on allowing user to off load saved videos to keep storage under limits?


You can host your videos anywhere, as long as it’s a process that the user can handle easily and it get’s a url for the video into the the sheet, so it’s accessible in the app.

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