Shooting Videos within the new Glide Pages


How can I shoot a video directly from my app?

I have seen this question here , but it seems to have changed. I have a Samsung S10 and it does not show me the option to record a video using the File Picker Camera, only to take pictures.

I am trying to make an app where my users are able to shoot videos directly inside of the glide app (now glidepages). I need them to record it directly within glide because the main purpose is not using their phones storage while recording the videos and having it directly uploaded to the cloud.

Has anyone done that lately?

Thank you!

Yeah I checked and the image picker (I think the poster in your linked thread meant image picker instead of file picker, which doesn’t allow taking pictures or recording) does not support videos anymore. I tested on Safari/iOS 16.5 Beta.

Image picker has never supported taking video, but file picker has. I haven’t tried it on a Samsung though.

Thanks for the info, I don’t think I ever see this part when I use the file picker though.

“Select one of the two options - Camera only or Camera and Photo Roll”

I thought that was exclusive to image picker, but I might be wrong.

Thanks for your answers, guys!

I ended up finding out that there was a limitation on Samsungs Internet App.

I tried out by using Chromes App and it worked! Thanks! :heart_eyes:


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