Can we collect video/ image data from user - recording

Dear All,

I need to have a interface where we have a need where we can display a “HOW TO” video and want user to use camera to capture video/image which gets submitted,.

Is it possible?


Yes, that’s possible. To upload images you can use an Image Picker component. To upload videos, use a File Picker.

HI Darren,

I understand we can get uploaded but can we have user to use camera and do an action.

Sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean.

So we would like user to answer a question over a video or capture a image using the camera of phone/Laptop. I am trying to understand if we can do it.

One option I do understand they shoot and save the file and upload but can they click a button which opens the camera and user does the action and the file gets uploaded.

I hope this clarifies the question.

Yes, with either the Image or File picker the user should get the option to take a photo/video or choose from the camera roll. At least that is the behaviour on IOS. I’m not sure about Android, but it would be easy enough to test.

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