Ability for users to capture images using their phone

If it’s possible - I would love for users to be able to take photos and save them to their account. This would be incredibly valuable. I know you can do this easily on App Sheets and Thunkable.


According to the Glide guys’ writeup about iOS 13 and the improvements in Glide resulting from that, it seems that camera access is something they’d love for Apple to allow. Here’s a link to their video/writeup about this. https://www.glideapps.com/blog/ios13

Your wish is our command. Try the Image Picker component.

I was thinking that you wanted to take pictures from within the app.

Woo hoo! Nice work David! Loving your product - it’s much easier than the other platforms.

Are you guys hiring Product Managers? :smiley:


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I’m hoping our users can take photos like Instagram and upload them. :slight_smile: