How to store images in the image picker to Google Drive

@ehattori the reason that hit the limit might also have to do with the size of the images. Do you need to have very large images? If not then you could ask for a new feature where in the upload process you can select image size. Other people have requested that but for your use case it might be extremely relevant.

Thank you for your reply.

So far, I have taken about 8,000 photos and uploaded them to firebase. If the size of the picture taken by the image picker is smaller then the firebase disk space issue is resolved.

However, the challenge is to manually retake the photos that have been uploaded so far. It would be great if you can automatically change the size of uploaded photos.

@ehattori how did you get the images into firebase? Did you import 8000 images one by one via the image picker? Or did you in someway batch upload all of them. If the later you could resize the images before upload

The image was picked up by the image picker with multiple members. So the original image data is in firebase. If you can browse and download images in bulk like Google Drive, we can resize the images, but we need to download the images one by one using the application in the browser of the computer.

disclaimer : pointed by @Krivo glideapps doesn’t recommend storing pictures on google drive as not designed for and this might not scale. probably good for personal usage like mine.

don’t know if against glideapps rules & term of usage (made a quick look but not deep dive), I made a google apps script for taking care of downloading pictures uploaded through glideapps, resize them and upload into accessible google drive folder .

associated with a trigger, it’s almost transparent, more details here.

@camous storing images in google drive is not recommended. Have a look here

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I notice that you’re using an onEdit trigger. Does that actually fire when an image is uploaded via Glide?

The reason I ask is because in my experience, changes initiated by Glide in the GoogleSheet will never fire an onEdit event - only onChange events.


Another way to resize and store images instead of using google is to move an uploaded image to cloudinary just after it has been uploaded via the image picker.
Take a look on this demo app. You don’t need to store the location as the demo app does.

hey, thanks for your feedbacks !
@Darren_Murphy, you are totally right, I double checked with an existing script I had and yes, I was incorrectly using “on edit” rather “on change” (updated the picture and text in blog)

@Krivo good pointing (pretty sure I already read it before …) I added a disclaimer and link to the page you mentioned and would update this community thread. For my usage, personal usage for my cooking recipies and maybe other, pretty sure google drive would scale :slight_smile:

again thanks for your quick feedbacks !