Action for upload file. exist?

is it possible upload a file to Glide Storage by working with Actions or Google-sheets?

So upload have to be not by administrator, not by use of “file piker”

I can use Make, to put link of file, but it still be not in Glide storage.

Any solution?

In what scenario do you need to do this? Who is uploading the file. I guess I don’t understand why you don’t want to use File Picker?

I do have use cases for this, especially with Make. In one of my apps, I have to process attachments sent to an email and add a row for it in Glide. As we currently don’t have a POST request available to upload those files to Glide, I have to upload it to Google Drive before adding the Drive link altogether with other things in my new row.

Would be nice if we can do that POST request and get a URL in return.

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