Upload files directly to Glide WITHOUT the File Picker!

Psst…use the IMAGE column type :point_down:


Wow! i was looking for it so long! thank you.

What about the glide’s upload limit per file? my files is min 50mb.

Might need to host it elsewhere…

This is where i got stucked/

You bring up something I have wondered @Robert_Petitto. How might one host a glide app elsewhere. I assumed that it had to be hosted in the a magical great land of Glide.

I’m referring to the video/file, not the entire app.

Is it possible to host the files on OneDrive, DropBox or somewhere else? I’m a newbie trying to use Glide over PowerApps due to the incredible UI. I want to use Invoices PDF’s and Spreadsheets and Order PDFS and save them with each “item” in my spreadsheet of orders. I’m concerned about running out of storage even if I’m only saving PDF’s of old orders. thoughts?

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Yes you can use other external sources a long as you have a publicly accessible url and a way to populate the table with that url.

As @Darren_Murphy mentioned in the other post, sometimes those external sources can be finicky as they are not designed for web hosting.

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