Is it possible to limit sign in to a specific email domain?

I need to deploy my app to any user of my organization, but to none outside of it. It is not possible to put all email address in a sheet, but something like * would be great.

You mean a private app?

I don’t know if it would solve. I don’t know who will sign in or how many. But I need them to work for my organization and, so, to have an email from that specific domain.

See if this helps you…

Hello there :wave:t2: It seems like you might want to consider a Private Pro plan.

options explained in Glide Library:

Thanks, but I think it does not help. Well, it gave me an idea do check email domain of every user and hide tabs if from outside. Not elegant or safe, though…
The case is that it is an app for a temporary charity campaign for this Christmas.

Thanks, but what they say is:

Blockquote Limit access by email. Allowed email list allows only certain people to log in. You choose one of your sheets where your allowed emails are located and then only those users will be able to log in to your app. Once your users have logged in, that device will remember them and they shouldn’t have to sign in again.

But I can’t tell who they are in advance, you know? And ask each potential donnor to first request a login and only then enter the app sounds not natural.

Try this to see if it helps.


I swear I searched for it! And it is so simple. Certainly, Glide guys should add this info to the documentation. Now I am confident to upgrade mey app! Thank you VERY MUCH, @ThinhDinh and all others who tried to help me!
A lot of children will get Santas gifts this Christmas!


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